About Ranks.com, who are we?

Ranks.com was among a handful of commercial enterprises that crawled onto the land of the World Wide Web in search of something better back when private networks first faded away, as the always-on experience of the internet coalesced in 1997. From inception to today, Ranks.com has been operating out of our North American headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ranks now has a terrific set of team members working together from satellite locations throughout the United States, France, and Canada. The one commonality that every Ranks staff member starts with is a forward-thinking thirst for something better than what currently exists.

There are many companies that make a good living copying or slightly improving existing ideas they have already seen produced by others in a never-ending circular movement that does serve an important purpose. They generate tangible results for analysis, burn off bad ideas, elevate new technologies and establish universal platforms of compatibility connecting people, hardware and software systems.

Ranks takes a different approach. We identify voids in the marketplace and seek out untried combinations of interaction while developing answers to the kinds of questions people haven't even started to ask yet. In this way, we seek to make leaps forward in exciting directions that others often follow soon after seeing our results.

Many of our innovations from earlier phases of our operations now seem rudimentary because the best ideas that once were revolutionary always have a way of eventually becoming commonplace. The first Link Directories, Statistics Counter Services, Forum Message Boards, User Communities and Domain Name Portfolio Management platforms were so new and different that it took years for others to catch on to what eventually became the foundation of social media online. Ranks’ role in the development and acceptance of these new systems is something we do take pride in, but at the end of the day, we see the results of all our past successes as little more than the best fuel for our future plans.

Ranks.com now focuses on many aspects of Big Data Organization and Analysis, Search Engine Marketing, Digital Traffic Procurement, Organic Search Engine Optimization, PHP/MySQL Programming and innovative Consumer Driven Customer Support Services.

Our Services, what can we offer?

  • Data Organization and Analysis
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Digital Traffic Procurement
  • Hosting
  • Programming
  • Innovative Consumer Driven Support Services

Our Career Opportunities

Enlightened Interview

How enlightened are you? When Ranks seeks to add a new contributor to the team, that is the one essential question we are always trying to resolve. Yes, proficiency in your trade is important. A keen understanding of the markets we serve also does matter. However, all the technical expertise or skillful competence you possess doesn't count nearly as much to us as the passion you have for doing something great. That is what allows an emotional connection directly between you and the kinds of projects we complete. Working together in the Ranks family is something we all consider an honor, and we each feel a personal responsibility to be a catalyst for perfection.

We are always hiring, because we would rather find something new to do than risk turning away an enlightened new teammate. Send us your CV or project proposal and we will give it an earnest review before getting back to you.

Current partnership opportunities

Ranks engages in strategic partnerships with a number of valuable entities already. We are very selective of the clients, vendors and partners we choose to work with, but we are always interested in discussing any real possibility of gaining efficiency or mutually improving productivity. If you believe synergy exists and would like to discuss a specific plan of action please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Current job openings

A Senior Q.A. Engineer is primarily responsible for testing automated systems. Responsibilities include identifying potential areas of improvement and designing appropriate enhancements to ensure that each product component or service element is performing in the best way possible.

Qualifications :

  • BS/BA Four-Year Degree or Equivalent Work Experience.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of PHP, MYSQL, Server Configurations, Operating Systems And Browsers for Desktop or Mobile deployment.
  • A successful applicant will be required to pass a personal history and background check.

Required Skills :

  • Clear communication skills.
  • Ability to outline and detail identified challenges with recommended solutions.
  • Adherence to clearly defined objectives and scheduled milestones.
  • Enthusiastic proactive approach to assigned tasks.

Schedule and Location :

This is a full-time position. It is unlikely that an individual interested in working remotely will be accepted for this position.

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